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🎯 Stainless Steel Hunting Arrowheads with 3 Blades – Set of 12 with Storage Case for Bow and Arrow


Choose our superior quality hunting arrowheads, perfect for archery and bow enthusiasts. This set of 12 arrowheads with 3 stainless steel blades is designed to fit all types of bows and is suitable for hunting small to large game. With their impeccable sharpness, these arrowheads can be easily screwed onto your arrows thanks to their convenient inserts. Their aerodynamic design and weight of 125 grains ensure stable flight and exceptional accuracy. For easy and secure storage, these hunting arrowheads and blades are delivered in a sturdy aluminum case. Ensure the quality of your archery hunting equipment with these remarkable arrowheads.

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Unique Hunting Arrowheads for Bow and Crossbow

Our set of hunting arrowheads is perfect for all archery enthusiasts. Designed to fit any type of bow, from traditional to compound bows, these arrowheads are compatible with the most common arrows, including hunting arrows and target arrows.

High-Quality Screw-In Arrowheads

Our arrowheads come with an insert that facilitates their installation. Simply screw the arrowhead onto the arrow, and you're ready for hunting. Each hunting arrowhead features a sharp cutting edge and is equipped with 4 steel blades for optimal penetration.

Stainless Steel Hunting Blades

The blades of our hunting arrowheads are made of high-quality stainless steel. They are sharpenable, durable, and aerodynamic, ensuring excellent performance in terms of flight and penetration.

Precision Archery Practice

Whether you are an experienced archer or a beginner in archery, these hunting arrowheads will allow you to aim with precision and hunt effectively.

Arrowheads for Small and Large Game

Thanks to their sturdy design, these arrowheads are perfect for hunting small and large game. Their weight of 125 grains, combined with their aerodynamic design, ensures stable flight and excellent accuracy, even at long distances.

12-Pack Steel Hunting Arrowheads

Each pack contains 12 hunting arrowheads, offering excellent value for money. And for your convenience, each set of arrowheads comes in an aluminum case, ideal for storage and transportation.

Technical Specifications

  • Stainless steel arrowheads
  • 4 sharp blades per arrowhead
  • Compatible with all types of bows
  • 12 arrowheads per pack
  • Aluminum storage case included
  • Weight: 125 grains

Package Contents

  • 12 x Stainless Steel Hunting Arrowheads
  • ABS storage case

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Black, Blue, Gold, Red

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🎯 Stainless Steel Hunting Arrowheads with 3 Blades - Set of 12 with Storage Case for Bow and Arrow
🎯 Stainless Steel Hunting Arrowheads with 3 Blades – Set of 12 with Storage Case for Bow and Arrow