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🎯 Discover the ProSlingshot X1: Precision slingshot with built-in compass and wrist support!


Immerse yourself in the art of precise shooting with our ProSlingshot X1, an ergonomic slingshot equipped with a built-in compass and wrist support for unparalleled stability. The sturdy stainless steel frame and high-quality elastic provide exceptional shooting power and durability. Perfect for target shooting, the ProSlingshot X1 is also a reliable weapon for small game hunting. Its simple and intuitive use makes it the ideal choice for shooters of all levels. The elegant ABS handle offers a comfortable and secure grip, while the 10mm steel balls deliver shooting power of up to 89.6 joules. With a range of tubular elastics and projectiles such as steel balls, we cater to all your shooting needs. So, are you ready to discover the perfect slingshot for your leisure or hunting pursuits?

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Choosing your ProSlingshot X1: a modern slingshot for experienced shooters

Our ProSlingshot X1 is more than just a slingshot. It is a true precision weapon designed for adults seeking high-quality target shooting or effective small game hunting.

The advantages of modern slingshots

Featuring a stainless steel frame and a highly performing tubular elastic, modern slingshots like the ProSlingshot X1 offer powerful shooting capabilities. Additionally, they are equipped with an ergonomic wrist support for optimal shooting comfort and an integrated compass to help you navigate during your hunting sessions.

Types of Slingshots: Why choose the ProSlingshot X1?

The ProSlingshot X1 stands out with its comfortable and ergonomic grip, thanks to its ABS handle. Moreover, weighing only 296g, it is easy to handle and carry during your outdoor adventures.

Slinging: A recreational and hunting activity

Whether you intend to use it for target shooting or small game hunting, the ProSlingshot X1 will meet your needs. It is designed to provide unparalleled shooting accuracy, made possible by its high-quality molded round latex elastic.

Technical Description:

  • Stainless steel frame
  • Ergonomic ABS handle
  • High-quality molded round latex elastic
  • Weight: 296g

Package Contents:

  • 1 x ProSlingshot X1
  • 2 x Spare elastics

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🎯 Discover the ProSlingshot X1: Precision slingshot with built-in compass and wrist support!
🎯 Discover the ProSlingshot X1: Precision slingshot with built-in compass and wrist support!